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No more wet shoes & boots thanks to OSKARI's Bora® boot dryers.

Whether drenched in snow and mud in the winter or bathed in sweat in the summer - wet and damp shoes are a very unpleasant thing. Wet, damp and sweaty shoes not only make for uncomfortable wearing comfort, but are also the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. But not only the wetness is perceived as annoying, even the smell of sweaty shoes is disturbing. In addition, moisture damages the material of the shoes, which is why it is advisable to dry wet shoes as fast as possible and thoroughly. Since shoe drying with a heater, oven or paper brings many disadvantages. A shoe dryer is recommended for efficient, hygienic and gentle drying. The OSKARI shoe dryer system offers the advantage over conventional electric shoe dryers that you can dry your shoes with warm air. As a result, the shoe and the clothing are not only heated, but ventilated. At OSKARI you will find a wide range of high-quality electric Bora shoe dryers, with which wet shoes and cold feet are finally a thing of the past!

Did you know that in damp shoes, the concentration of fungi and germs is up to 76x higher than in public toilets?


Bora® shoe dryer by OSKARI for dry and hygienic scented shoes.

Optimal foot hygiene starts with well-kept, dry and disinfected shoes. With the Bora® shoe dryers from OSKARI you can do it without chemicals. The gentle shoe disinfection ensures that bacteria and fungi have no chance. Your feet will thank you! Optionally, you can also provide your electric Bora® shoe dryers by OSKARI with a scent - for a wonderfully fresh sent. Discover our wide range of practical accessories and choose between a variety of fragrances. Thanks to the innovative hot air fan, your shoes and boots are dried not only hygienic and fast, you also save in energy compared to other shoe-dryers. All technical and practical information about our Bora® shoe drying systems from OSKARI can be found in the product information section.

Bora® boot dryer from OSKARI - the right model for all areas of application

The electric Bora® boot dryers by OSKARI dry your shoes, boots, ski boots, sports shoes, gloves, hats, clothing, helmets and much more. Discover our wide range of electric Bora® shoe dryer systems now in our Online Shop. We deliver the right model for every area of application! No matter if you need shoe dryers for two, four or ten pairs of shoes - here you will find the ideal model. Our electric Bora® shoe dryers are used everywhere - in private households, in industrial companies and workplaces as well as in the hotel and catering industry. Our electric Bora® shoe dryers are also used in sports facilities for the gentle drying, ventilation and disinfection of sports shoes and sportswear. And where could efficient drying systems for shoes be used more urgently than near the slopes, for quick drying of ski boots, gloves and caps in winter? But even in summer, when warm temperatures invite you to walk and hike outdoors, shoe dryers in mountain huts and alpine resorts must not be missing.

Bora® shoe drying systems from OSKARI - Quality made in Austria.

Opt for OSKARI's high quality Bora® boot dryers for quality, design and stability. Our products are made of robust materials in Austria, which guarantee high durability and a long service life. Therefore, we also give a 5-year warranty on all our devices. We are happy to advise you personally and show you which models meet your needs best.

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