Make your shoes really dry

All our BORA models disinfect, dry, warm and aerate your clothing and shoes. This happens with a power consumption of approx. 80W. They can be mounted both on the wall, as well as stand up.
The devices are suitable for private use, but can also be used commercially.
Here you will find the right model from our BORA shop. Whether ski boot, ice hockey shoe, sports shoe, golf shoe, hunting shoe, leather shoe, rubber boots or clothing.
The equipment is gently cared for, stays nice and is always dry and fragrant. We also produce exclusively in Austria. To be precise, in Carinthia. We only use regional producers and European suppliers. The added value remains with us in the country and the quality of the products is so good that we give you a 5-year guarantee on our Bora shoe dryers. Benefit today from this quality in our
online shop.

Why should I dry my shoes with a Bora boot dryer?

The graphics show three common methods to dry shoes and clothing. Underneath you find explanations why these methods are not optimal. The simple and gentle drying with a warm air shoe dryer by oskari® solves all problems around the topic moist, wet, sweaty and smelly or stinky shoes.


Drying your shoes with an oven

The heat given off by furnaces puts a lot of strain on the high quality material of your shoes. The surface texture becomes hard and brittle. The result: The shoe can no longer optimally protect the foot from external influences. Unpleasant odors remain and already smelly shoes continue to stink. Also: fire hazard!

Drying your shoes with a heater

Humid air is heavier than dry air and therefore can not escape from the shoe. Moisture and disturbing odors persist and it forms an ideal breeding ground for fungi, germs and bacteria. The shoes stink thereby only more.

Drying your shoes with newspaper

Stuffing your shoes with newspaper prevents the air to circulate. As a result, the moisture can not be transported to the outside. Disturbing odors are kept inside the shoe. The shoes start to stink. Frequent and over-stuffing with paper also strains the material of the shoes, and can cause deformations and bumps.


Drying your shoes with Bora boot dryer

The innovative Bora® shoe, boot and glove dryers from oskari® dry your shoes gently, hygienically and efficiently with warm air, instead of drying them with hot air! Fungi, germs and bacteria get effectively removed without destoying the material of your shoes and clothing. The shoe is ventilated and can breathe. Disturbing odors are neutralized and with one of the high-quality Bora® fragrances you can enjoy a pleasant fragrance in shoes and living space.
Stinking or broken shoes are a thing of the past.

The different Bora® shoe dryer models at a glance

The model Bora®2

The model Bora®2 is our smallest shoe dryer and is particularly suitable for singles, couples and small living spaces. It is perfect for 2 pairs of shoes and ideal as a mobile boot dryer on the go!

Choose your decor

This shoe dryer is available in different decors

The model Bora®4

Our Bora®4 shoe dryer is ideal for the sporty family and those who want to dry more than just their shoes! The Bora®4h model offers plenty of space for professional drying and care of your sports and leisure equipment. With a width of just 24cm it offers space for e.g. 4 pairs of shoes or a complete biker outfit. From the helmet to the gloves everything becomes dry and hygienic in only 1-4 hours.

Choose your format

This boot dryer is also available in a space-saving high-end version.

The model Bora®10

The model BORA®10 is especially suitable for large families and companies or associations. This model can accommodate up to 10 pairs of garments. Especially in places where many shoes are stored, it smells unpleasant sometimes. Have you ever entered a locker room of a hockey club? Or a sports club? Even hotels can equip their ski cellar with this Bora model. The Bora10 ensures quick ventilation and drying with its maintenance-free radial fan. Unpleasant odors can be avoided this way.

For the big ones

This boot dryer is perfect for large families and companies.

The model Bora® Maski - Mask cabinet

The mask cabinet "maski" has been developed especially for the people who daily risk their lives for others.

Relevant pathogens are transmitted by using respirators. Which includes:
Respiratory diseases • influenza • cold viruses • SARS • tuberculosis skin diseases • skin fungi • herpesviruses • acne pathogens

The BORA "maski" cleans, disinfects and ventilates / dry your respirators / gloves gently, in a natural way and without any chemical additives. Bacteria are previously deprived of the breeding ground - without damaging your respirators / gloves.

For professionals

This Mask cabinet is perfect for fire departments, rescue organisations and so on.

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